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On the 13th episode of Current Events, Al covers an important legal issue regarding COVID-19 vaccines at big businesses in the United States.

Over the past few months President Biden has been trying to push through a mandate. This mandate would require American businesses with over 100 employees to force their workers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or be tested every week.

In this episode of Current Events, we take a look at two articles about the recent Supreme Court ruling dealing with President Biden's Vaccine policy. Will the mandate go through? Or will it be stopped by the Supreme Court?

Here are the key vocabulary:
to suspend
federal funding
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Judicial Branch
checks and balances
separation of powers
to undergo
omicron variant
to dissent
to be slated
to necessitate

Articles used in this episode:

National Review:
Supreme Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Large Employers, Allows Health-Care Vaccine Requirement

Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Vaccine-Or-Test Rule For Large Employers

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