Boroughs & Burbs 31: "The Townhouse Show" New York Real Estate: Terry Niaini & David Kornmeier


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Townhouses are considered by many Manhattanites to be β€œbeachfront property.” Townhouses are rare and offer a unique experience. They offer privacy and control of one’s environment, but are there downsides? At the beginning of the last decade, the market for houses was booming, but by 2015 they had peaked, and deflation of their value began...why? Are they back? Houses in Manhattan only make up a small portion of the housing stock; conversely, in Brooklyn they are plentiful. What makes these markets different? How are the houses themselves different? No two seem alike. What’s the difference between a townhouse, a brownstone, and a mansion? The taxes from one house to another seems arbitrary, Why? We will discuss these topics and many more.
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πŸ™ŽπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Terry Naini is a seasoned professional marketer, consultant, and sales broker in Brooklyn & Manhattan. She is often sought after for her breadth of knowledge of the marketplace as well as her strategic approach. Terry's prior training in business management as well as molecular biology have sharpened her ability to think critically and enabled her to effectively advise her clients. "The quiet storm. "Terry's the broker you thought couldn't exist - warm, open, knowledgeable and straight forward." - Adam Freed & Ken Ohashi "Much like a family physician, Terry is our family broker." - Laurie Simmons "The closer." - Glen & Tanya Luchford Terry lives in Downtown Brooklyn with her husband, their two girls, and lovely dog.
πŸ™ŽπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ David Kornmeier. With over 18 years of experience at Brown Harris Stevens, David Kornmeier is a consistent top producer, ranked multiple times among the top 10 brokers in Manhattan and top 50 nationwide by The Wall Street Journal/ Real Trends. David has established himself as a creative and meticulous broker, closing many complex transactions all over Manhattan. A majority of David’s business comes from repeat clients and referrals. His strong referral network is one of the reasons that David was the youngest top producer in the history of the firm. Sellers and buyers appreciate David’s value-added approach.
David’s recent notable sales include:
- A $47,000,000 Upper West Side Condominium
- A $32,000,000 Greenwich Village Townhouse represented the all-time highest price for a townhome in downtown Manhattan.
- A $28,600,000 Boutique Hotel in Midtown
- A $25,000,000 West Village Townhouse that set an all-time price per foot record of $4,821 per foot for a townhouse in downtown Manhattan. This property is also the 2nd highest price per foot ever achieved for a townhouse in all of New York City.
- A $19,500,000 Fifth Avenue Condominium
- A $14,500,000 Upper West Side Townhouse is the record sale for the highest-priced Upper West Side townhouse that was not on a Central Park block.
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