Boroughs & Burbs 51: "Designing on a Dime" Sergio Mercado and Jennifer Cohler Mason on What's Classic and Timeless


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"Everything he turns his attention to is done artfully" clients say of Sergio Mercado
Roberto and I periodically ask expert Lisa Ben-Isvy when we want to talk to the very best in design business. Why? We look to design when we want to make sense of a turbulent real estate market. New York's best designers are the tastemakers for the world. They are good listeners and the best of them have an instinctive feel for where the market is going. Theirs is a more collaborative process with their clients than is found in other industries and consequently designers the first to know if clients are feeling optimistic, or anxious, whether people are spending or holding back. Their clients are our clients, and we want to know are their clients focused on Florida or heading back to Connecticut. Are they hiding in the Hamptons or starting projects in New York? Are clients reacting to a turbulent stock market and rising interest rates, or are they feeling good about strong employment and continued strong housing prices? This week we have Sergio Mercado and Jennifer Cohler Mason on the show, both recently featured on the TV show "Design on a Dime"
J Cohler Mason Design is a full service design firm creating interior spaces that are contemporary, yet classic and timeless, resulting in the perfect mix for warm and inviting interior spaces.
​​​​​ Jennifer's approach is highly collaborative, involving not only each client but also an extraordinary group of carefully selected artisans and craftspeople -- including lighting designers, cabinet makers, weavers, painters, upholsterers and others who contribute their well recognized talents to each of Jennifer's unique projects. But it is Jennifer who is intimately involved with each of her firm's design projects down to the last detail.
Sergio Mercado New York City-based Sergio Mercado Design Studio specializes in residential projects and hospitality interiors in broad reaching locations from Manhattan, Connecticut and New Jersey, extending down to Miami and Palm Beach. Critically acclaimed for creating breathtaking spaces that are at the crossroads of contemporary design and timeless comfort, it is the Studio’s mission to curate a personal aesthetic for its clients by employing bespoke color palettes, luxurious textures, and well-cultivated detail elements.

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