Boroughs & Burbs #43 The Color Show: Andrea Magno (Benjamin Moore), Katie Lydon, Carl D'Aquino, Francine Monaco, Dane Pressner, Lisa Ben-Isvy


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The Color Show

"Pale green is here to stay" says Elle Decor. October Mist, a "gently shaded sage" the Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year feels like the natural extension of Aegan Teal, their 2021 Color of the Year. This week we talk to the woman responsible for choosing the color of the year, Andrea Magno, and explore current thinking on color from 4 expert designers: Katie Lydon, Dane Pressner, Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco.
The Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year is October Mist, #1495.

Benjamin Moore:

  • Andrea, can you tell us the secrets and the process of how you pick the Color of the Year? What does the color say about society?
  • How did you pick October Mist? How did you pick the name?
  • What was the response? When do you know you got it right?
  • Tell me about the Color of the Year event at the New York Public Library. Are you throwing a colorful party and can we call come?


  • As designers, what is the process?
  • Do you pick the color first and then design around the color?
  • What is the most popular color in your projects?
  • Is there one color you use in every project?
  • Are we taking more risks with color since we are all home more?
  • Color is emotional and personal, except for when its all business. Let's discuss how we use colors in our personal spaces and how it makes us feel versus our more serious public spaces or office spaces.
  • As society moves beyond Covid, I feel like everyone is celebrating color in their clothing and in interior design. Do you agree?
  • Do you feel like you clients are more open to go out of their comfort zone with color than ever before due to being home more?
  • Katie, what Benjamin Moore color can't you live without?
  • Matte vs Gloss - What are the rules and how are they changing?
  • The magazines say color is back so why are we still seeing white kitchens? And, when is white not white?

Andrea Magno, Director of Color MarketingBenjamin Moore. Andrea says “As the spaces in our homes continue to evolve, we uncover more opportunities to express our individuality and leverage the power of color to design environments that serve different functions and styles,”
Katie Lydon, Interior Designer, Katie Lydon Interiors. Her work has been featured in national and international design publications, including Domino, Elle Décor, Tatler, Metropolitan Home, Lucky, The New York Times, and Town & Country. Katie has also appeared on LXTV’s Open House New York and George to the Rescue.
Dane Pressner, Director of Design, D'Aquino Monaco, addresses his life and career as a creative and curated design process. Joining D’Aquino Monaco in 2007, his appetite for style, fashion and pop culture have brought a unique perspective to the firm.
Francine Monaco Architect , D'Aquino Monaco has created a diverse career combining the practical with the magical to create memorable timeless spaces. Francine is a professor at Pratt Institute's Interior Design department.
Carl D'Aquino Interior Designer , D'Aquino Monaco, is renowned for his ability to apply modernist sensibility and eclectic taste to contemporary design. Carl is a contributor to the Design Council for the Museum of Art and Design and a consultant to the Global Color Research Panel.
Lisa Ben-Isvy Former Publisher of New York Spaces, Principal LBI Connext PR professional

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