Boroughs & Burbs 41: Ari Harkov on the NYC & Brooklyn Markets and Running a Top Real Estate Team


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🧧Ari Harkov on the New York City and Brooklyn Markets and How to Run a Top Real Estate Team Here
Most people know him as leader of a top team in the nation, ranked every year since 2014 in the Wall St. Journal's list of "Best Real Estate Agents" and "Top 250 Teams in the USA". They did 217 deals last year totalling $432 million and $70 million of that was in December! (Maybe Ari is taking a rest on a beach this month?)
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Ari Harkov, co-founder of the Harkov Lewis Team, on the plan for 2022:
"2021 was a big year for our team. We're planning extensive proactive outreach via direct mail, social media (organic and paid), and signage such as bus shelter ads, to reinforce our 2021 team accomplishments and establish our brand in the marketplace. We're also planning to do proactive outreach to developers with new projects and projects that have been languishing on the market, and to grow the number of landlord accounts for our leasing division with proactive outreach to landlords."
Seven Questions for Ari Harkov:
1. You have ambitious marketing plans in 2022 that include traditional and new-media campaigns. How do you decide where to direct your energy?What has been working and what has not? How are you measuring marketing effectiveness to driving new business?
2. Clients. Who are your clients and how is that changing? How do you qualify prospects and how do you know when you are talking to someone that they are going to be a good fit?
3. Office Space. The Harkov Lewis team just opened up their own office at 451 West Broadway in SOHO. I want to hear more about this.
4. The 24/7 Clock. You were recently quoted saying, "How quickly and clearly your agent delivers information matters. You were quoted as saying "everyone wants you to respond yesterday." Talk to us about the new reality of the real estate business and setting expectations.
5. Negotiating. In a recent NAR survey 80% of home buyers said negotiation skills are "very important" when choosing an agent. Your team negotiated 217 deals last year in a strong seller's market. Tell us about the negotiation process and buyer frustration.
6. Relationships. “Buying or selling a home is a very intimate transaction,” Harkov says. “You should be working with an agent who you like and trust.” In a market that is seen as increasingly impersonal and transactional, how do you develop a relationship with a client and when does it matter?
7. Team Building. There are 16 members on your team. That takes a great deal of coordination and specialization among members. Your team building is what I admire most about Harkov Lewis. You're on a panel discussion discussing team building (register: Here) att 11am on Thursday. Can you talk a bit about the challenges of managing such a large team, and the benefits of team-building when it works?
Roberto Cabrera - With 20 years of experience, I have been recognized throughout the industry for achieving outstanding results: Ranked nationally by REAL Trends as one of "America's Best Real Estate Agents” for avg. sales price of $4.350M. Sold a single family Townhouse faster than any other on the Upper West Side over $10M. I live with my wife and daughter on the Upper West Side, the neighborhood I have called home for the past 23 years.
John Engel - John Engel is a consistently top-producing agent in Fairfield County, Connecticut. John recently won the 2019 Realtor of the Year Award in New Canaan where he served as the Chairman of the Town Council. In addition to hosting this podcast on the market each week, John Engel produces an easy-to-understand and in-depth monthly market analysis called the Market Report for the 16 towns of lower Fairfield County. You can find it at

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