Ethan Novek on Energy Tech Startups


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Ethan Novek is a multiple award-winning chemist and is the sole inventor of 25 granted utility patents with over 150 patent filings in the materials science and sustainable energy industries. He has invented 9 new platform technologies in heat transfer, electricity storage, gas separation, refrigeration cycles, calcium oxide & cement production, tidal power, power generation, and CO2 conversion. He is the inventor, founder, and CEO of SolvCor Technologies.

Ethan delves into:

  • How industrial cooling systems work today - 2:00
  • What viscosity is and why keeping it low matters in cooling systems - 6:35
  • How Ethan developed technology based on physical sciences technology and decided to launch SolvCor - 11:50
  • How Ethan went about finding first adopts for his novel and disruptive technology - 18:00
  • How improving cooling systems can significantly reduce carbon footprint - 23:40
  • How entrepreneurs and inventors have to develop a critical attitude to maintain focus - 29:05
  • Why Houston is a strategic location to grow a startup - 36:00
  • Where the cooling industry has opportunities to create efficiency by 2050 - 41:45
  • Why investing and achieving our climate goals and bringing energy innovation to market is not a tradeoff, and how technology will enable us - 50:00

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