ENDLESS HUSTLE, EP. 94: Actors Richard E. Grant, Yvonne Orji, & The Cast of A.P. Bio


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Today we invite on the show actor to talk about Everybody's Talking About Jamie, Oscar / Tom Hanks, the Grant-essaince, Loki,
Getting Cast in a Marvel movie, and more. Everybody's Talking About Jamie on Amazon Prime September 17.

We also chat with actress Yvonne Orji about getting into acting, creating the trailer / getting role on 'Insecure,' Inspiring young people, the realization of fame, Emmy nomination, authenticity and more. The final season of HBO's Insecure is out now and Yvonne's new movie on Hulu called Vacation Friends (Hulu's biggest opening of all-time) is out as well!

Finally, we talk with the cast of A.P. Bio to discuss their least favorite class in school, deciding to get into acting, Irrational confidence / Dave Chappelle, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia taking off, and more. A.P. Bio is out on Peacock NOW.

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