ENDLESS HUSTLE, EP. 91: Actor Alan Tudyk, Billions' David Costabile, & Comedian Bert Kreischer


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Today on the show we welcome on actor and comedian Alan Tudyk to discuss Firefly, working with Heath Ledger, Dodgeball, how he got into acting, bailing on ABC show, and more. Alan Tudyk's new movie is called "Playing God."

We also talk to David Costabile (aka Wags from Billions) to discuss his 'I Made It' moment, the character he's recognized for most, special treatment in New York, strangers yelling at him, and Wags being different than the character was written as. Check out Billions every Sunday on Showtime.

Finally, we talk to comedian Bert Kreischer about standup, Van Wilder, Mark Hamill, the legendary Machine story, Joe Rogan, national TV/IG, and more. Bert Kreischer: Berty Boy Relapse Tour kicks off 9/8 at Red Rocks, tune into his podcast the BertCast as well as his show 2 Bear 1 Cave that he does with Tom Segura, currently shooting the 2nd season of the GO BIG SHOW on TBS.

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