Answering 5 of the Best Marriage Questions We’ve Been Asked Lately: Episode 263


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This is a bit of a celebration episode for us personally… Just in the past week this podcast broke into the Top 20 relationship podcasts on Apple, we went over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and we had over 500 couples join the Fight Smarter Weblcass! (by the way if you missed the weblcass you can watch it again with this link)

As you can imagine for us, we are very proud and excited, plus we have been receiving SO many questions from all the new couples in this relationship ecosystem. So this episode is focused on the 5 top questions we have been receiving over DMs and through emails from all this new activity.

We are doing this in part so that the one thing WE KNOW, you can come to know too… That most couples are really dealing with the same kinds of challenges. Though the circumstances and emotional responses might be different, many of the relationship themes are the same. This is so that you know you are not alone in what you go through!

Resources For Your Relationship:

  1. If you missed the Fight Smarter Weblcass you can watch it again with this link.
  2. The best parenting and discipline course we have found is from a good friend Amy McCready called Positive Parenting Solutions.
  3. The Communication Mastery Bundle course for you and your partner to grow closer together, communicate more effectively, and fight smarter!
  4. Order our book, The Argument Hangover, and get over $200 of free bonus gifts (like the mini course and a 90 minute training)

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