David Sauvage - The Future of Collective Decision-Making


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A conversation about how emergence can be the foundation a new society. We talk about how societies can create containers for healthy decision making. And how sacred containers can allow for the emergence of the planetary movement we’re longing for.

David Sauvage asks, how do we create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? In my first episode after returning from the Emerge gathering in Austin, we discuss the future of collective decision-making, reflect on our shared past with Occupy Wallstreet, and consider the role of participatory democracy in what is emerging. David puts preliminary words to a vision originating from the gathering this summer.


[00:00:00] Introducing David

[00:05:24] David’s Vision from the Emerge gathering.

[00:10:35] Occupy Wallstreet

[00:29:30] The future of politics.

[00:44:55] The Third Attractor.

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