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My guest today is Morgan Chonis and she’s been Sober for since 2013. She had to reach out for outside help at 5 years sober when she realized work had become a bigger priority than taking care of herself. She is now a Reiki master and spiritual guide in helping her clients grow and overcome their past conditioning and trauma. Just recently Morgan became a published Author of her self-help book called “Unravel the Bullshit”.

Morgan Chonis is an an expert at initiating transformation, growth, accountability, and clarity for those willing to live their juiciest lives.Taking a deep dive into her own wounds, trauma and conditioning, Morgan is committed to a life of constant, and never-ending improvement. As part of her personal development journey, in an exercise of sharing her voice, Morgan felt the deep call to share her truth for others who may still be shackled into the conditioning of what it means to be successful. In order to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.

Morgan just launched her first book, part memoir / part self-help containing "Self Reflection Opportunities" (journal prompts) to support you in beginning to look at where you are in your own personal journey. Click here to Buy Now

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