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Hello and welcome back to Emerge. Evolve. Lead. podcast. My guest today is Lisa Waldman a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, life coach and author. Lisa has been sober for over 30 years now helps people on the daily to transform their lives.

Lisa combines her professional expertise with the unique lessons she has learned from her own long-term recovery and in her work, has empowered thousands of people to invest in themselves, make healthier decisions, and transform their lives.

Through her life journey, Lisa has realized the key to living a longer and healthier life is to have Fun! Lisa specializes in behavior change, shifting mindset, and seeing the world through a different lens. A lifelong learner herself, she also teaches workshops on wellness, stress management, readiness to change, and many other topics. Lisa is an avid photographer, proud cat mom, lover of 80’s music, hiker, and married to her amazing wife, Martha.

You can reach Lisa at

Check out her books called

Health Reboot: Resources for Pain, Trauma, Anxiety and Addiction

Spirituality Reboot: Questions for Growth and Clarity


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