14. kaila June - The Body Always Shows Us the Way


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In this talk, Kaila June begins sharing her story, how she grew up in her mom’s dance studio and how much influence that environment had in her life and career choices. She talks about her experience traveling with “La Caravana Arcoiris para la Paz” through South America, we talk about folklore dances and their relevance.. She shares her explorations of trauma via dance and art and how movement and embodiment affect the way we learn, behave, our memory, the intergenerational effects, etc. She goes through her bio revealing the progression that brought her towards developing the Somakinese School. We talked about the skills of teaching and the difference, nuances, pros and cons of structure vs organic sessions, of being externally oriented vs being internally oriented and of safety and threat in movement experiences.

Kaila June, MS, is the founder of SomaKinese School, a virtual platform for movement teachers offering educational programs inspired by embodied movement science. As a dance-artist, Registered Somatic Movement Educator, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, she has dedicated her life to helping people move and feel better. Drawing from somatic movement education and weaving research from the fields of biotensegrity, neuroscience, and the healing arts, Kaila is totally vested in the art and science of movement education as a vehicle for planetary change.

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