13. Matthew Remski - Modern Yoga, From Cult Dynamics to Accountability, Discernment and Healing


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In this talk, Matthew Remski and I discuss many of the multilayered abuse issues in the modern postural yoga scene, as well as in other high demand groups that he covers in his book “Practice and All Is Coming”. We talk about the inheritance of intergenerational trauma, trauma bonding, corporal punishment, somatic dominance, and the slippery subject of cult dinamics that leads to disorganized attachment, dissociation and to physical and sexual abuse. We spend some time at the end looking at some sulutions to all these problems, like the model of PRISM, and concepts like personal agency, scope of practice, and the current conversation about licensing and regulating Yoga.

Trigger warning: this conversation covers many uncomfortable discussions about abuse.

Matthew Remski is an author, teacher, ayurvedic consultant and cultural critic. He has published 10 books, including “Practice and All Is Coming. Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond”, that includes all of the topics we cover in this talk.

Matthew is currently working in a new book and is launching an online series webinar called “6 Critical Problems in Modern Yoga and how to Work with Them”.

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