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Ev’Yan Whitney is a sexuality doula®, sex educator, and sensualist. Since 2011, their work has focused on decolonizing, unshaming, and liberating sexuality at the intersection of identity, trauma healing, pleasure, and embodiment. Ev'Yan is the author of Sensual Self: Prompts and Practices for Getting in Touch With Your Body, a self-guided journal that will help you prioritize your pleasure and come home to yourself through your senses. They also host a beloved podcast of the same name

For more about Ev'Yan work, go to and follow them on Instagram @evyan.whitney.

This episode is offered with love, following April 30’s new moon and solar eclipse in Taurus.

In this episode, I’m talking with Ev’yan about embodiment and technology, the evolution of sensual and sexual identities, nonbinariness and asexuality, feminism and sexuality, and of course, astrology! We’ll be considering all of these themes in relation to current astrology and EvYan’s natal chart.




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