410: Emacs From the Future


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Chris and Elecia chat about tools, interrupts, and general happenings.

Thank you to Newark for supporting the show! The part that was not guessed was an RF FET: MRF1K50HR5.

Elecia found MCU on Eclipse (Eric Styger)’s tutorials on Visual Studio Code for C/C++ with ARM Cortex-M (Part 1).

Embedded has a Patreon page where you can get access to the Slack group. The book club is starting Prototype to Product: A Practical Guide for Getting to Market by Alan Cohen.

Wokwi Raspberry Pi Pico projects from Elecia: Command Line Interface and PWM Experiments with Logic Analyzer

Phillip Johnston of Embedded Artistry and Tyler Hoffman from Memfault are kicking off a quarterly embedded discussion panel. This month is about building embedded systems at scale using device metrics: Embedded Device Observability Metrics Panel

Jonathan Beri from Golioth created instructions on how to use USB from WSL2.

Copy-editing game.


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