Super Connect Your Brand Through Media with Angela Bonnici EP 11


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The traditional media agency format is outdated – and journalists, editors, and producers see right through it. Most agencies send impersonal press releases or bland pitches that are quickly deleted, blacklisted, and ignored. As a result, publicists come to hoard their precious rolodexes, as it becomes their most important tool of survival. But at Super Connector Media, Angela Bonnici and team know the strength of the pack is greater than the strength of the lone wolf. In this conversation, she shares tips to getting the media to take notice of your brand, dial in to your message, and how to stop holding back on sharing your most powerful tool....YOU!


As the Chief Publicity Officer at Super Connector Media, Angela oversees our SCM PR services division, creating impactful media strategies for each client to ensure optimum media results and satisfaction.

Angela brings to SCM 15 years years of professional experience, providing public relations, strategic communications, brand awareness and crisis communications support to a broad range of companies in a wide array of industry sectors.

Throughout her career, Angela has worked for several top-tier public relations agencies and has represented multiple organizations ranging from startups to global entities, including Toshiba, American Express, American Cancer Society, General Electric, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and She has also represented authors, product launches and startups including Tonya Lewis Lee, PokerStars, Yonanas, BodyGlide, SmartyPants, Wallaroo Hats, PurpleBricks and more, helping them develop branding, PR and social media campaigns to garner national awareness through strategic media placements and other integrated communications solutions.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Gems on actionable brand awareness
  • Where to get started
  • What makes you stand apart
  • Building a consistent brand voice
  • How to create your personal focus group
  • The importance of your Niche
  • How to promote yourself by being a great resource
  • How the injection of virtual has broadened media opportunities
  • Why a “no” is actually an opportunity


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