"It's Going To Be Ok" with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge EP 10


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We all need a toolkit for managing and being proactive around stress in our lives. Join me this week while I chat with Mental Health Expert, Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge. Dr. Ro simplifies ways to create a resilient mindset for the entire family. She is always high energy, fun and knows just how to bring the right amount of light to the heaviest topics. Our conversation has so many touch points around the way we learn and evolve and how important it is to surround ourselves with those that can bring light, even in challenging times, to that journey. Get ready to expand your Stress Toolkit!

Dr. Roseann is a mental health trailblazer, founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health and Dr. Roseann, LLC who is, “Changing the way we view and treat children’s mental health”. FORBES magazine called her, “A thought leader in children’s mental health”. She is known for brain-based solutions for struggling kids and her work has helped thousands reverse the most challenging conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, mood, autism, learning disability, Lyme, and PANS/PANDAS using PROVEN holistic therapies such as neurofeedback, biofeedback, and psychotherapy. She is the author of the first ever book on teletherapy activities for child and adolescent therapists, “Teletherapy Toolkit™” and It’s Gonna be OK!™ and gives parents step-by-step solutions for their struggling kids with her books, Raising Successful Kids Community and remote neurofeedback program. A media personality, she is often featured on dozens of media outlets: Fox, CBS, NBC, PARENTS, and New York Times.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How the pandemic brought our individual “stress cracks” to the surface
  • Positive solutions to help get “unstuck”
  • Developing a Resiliency Mindset
  • Creating a tool kit to recover from stress
  • How our physical and mental health needs have come so clearly into focus
  • The science of managing stress
  • The Brain/Gut stress connection
  • What is Autonomous Supportive Parenting? Why do you need to know
  • Understanding PMF, pulse electromagnetic frequency
  • Helpful parenting solutions in this challenging world


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