Hydration With Benefits EP17


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Hello Holidays. Hello Cold and flu season. It’s time to start “priming” your body as we move into a new season. First we need to ask ourselves….Are we hydrating properly? I’m not talking about just water, but water with additional benefits that support our body throughout the day. Do you know what type of hydration benefits you actually need daily? Join me for this quick (20) minute segment, as I break it down and give you simple tips you can use to keep your body performing optimally, for this season and beyond. It’s time to elevate YOUR wellness!!

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Simple steps to build better health with hydration during the holidays
  • Priming vs boosting your immune system
  • Water’s effect on the immune system and the importance of hydration
  • Why hydration with benefits is more important than just water
  • Micronutrients you need to help support better immune function
  • Hydration and Pooping….why you need to pay attention
  • How and why we need our electrolytes balanced
  • Supporting your body with an easy daily ritual

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