Dysfunctional Eating Behaviors with Jessica Setnick EP32


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When you hear the words “eating disorder” most people get an image in their mind of what that means and what that “looks” like. Unfortunately, that can lead to many missed opportunities to help people. If we use different terminology, such as disordered eating or dysfunctional eating behaviors, we create broader language that speaks to a much broader spectrum of individuals who may have problematic eating behaviors. Eating Disorder Specialist Jessica Setnick breaks it all down in this powerful, informative episode.

Bio: Jessica Setnick is a rare mix – an irreverent nutrition expert who knows her stuff but doesn’t take herself too seriously. With a light-hearted look at how we got into this mess, Setnick brings a fresh, smart perspective to our relationships with food. In her quest to create a world where no one is ashamed of their eating and everyone has enough, Jessica blends her personal story of eating disorder recovery with twenty plus years of working in the field to cook up strategies that all of us can try. She writes, speaks and interviews worldwide, all centered around the idea that everyone who wants help should be able to get it. Her advocacy work knocking down insurance barriers to treatment and systemic bias in healthcare has made a difference, but she’s not done yet. Her latest workbook is called Food Fairy Tales: Change The Stories You Tell About Food & Eat Happily Ever After. Welcome Jessica!

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How we look at and treat food
  • What eating disorders really are
  • How Dysfunctional Eating Behavior is a better term to understand these issues
  • Getting rid of the shame
  • Identifying types of hunger
  • The importance of self talk about food
  • How are you feeling about the food you eat, before and after
  • A journal can help you study yourself and identify your patterns
  • How the longer history can explain today’s challenges
  • Let your thoughts be a process, not a self condemnation
  • Tips for parents of teens with all the social influences
  • Helping kids find confidence in their differences


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