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In this teaser, you will hear snippets from the upcoming three episodes, where we talk to intense people and experts around the world.
We will hear their stories and lean life strategies from:
Melissa Schwartz, the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting, co-author of Authentic Parenting Power and author of soon to be released, Under the Hood: A Manual to Understand the Inner Workings of Children. She is an internationally acclaimed author, coach and public speaker bringing a new perspective based on current research and personal experience to transform the field of child development.
Douglas Eby, the author of The Creative Mind series of sites including Talent Development Resources, High Ability, Highly Sensitive and Creative, and many others. His resources provide information and inspiration to help enhance your inner growth and artistic expression as a creative person.
Cat Rose, a creative entrepreneur who helps introverts show their work and get the exposure they deserve. Her aim in life is to help all her clients do what they love and realise their dreams, whilst honouring their personality type and preferences
Eggshell Transformations is a podcast dedicated to people who are exceptionally intense, sensitive, and intuitive. Together, we go from healing to thriving.
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