Processing Intense Emotions with Arts - Conversation With Artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges


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Today, we will talk to Alessia, a gifted artist and creator. In this podcast, I interview not only subject experts and psychologists but also emotionally intense people from all walks of lives, those who have been through unthinkable trauma and have turned their pain into art and meaningful work.

To Alessia, each of her painting is an intense emotional reaction to experiences. Through her abstract paintings, she explores identity, existence and anxiety.

In this conversation, we talked about how her chaotic childhood has affected her relationships today, the fear of abandonment, love addiction, how we can release anger and resentment towards our family, and also, her creative process.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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Born in 1994, Alessia is a half Italian half Colombian artist based in London. Being the daughter of an immigrant and coming from an abusive household, deeply influenced her work and her sense of justice, especially towards women. Since she was a child, Alessia cared deeply about social issues as well as understanding the constant passing of time in a finite life. What does it mean being a woman? What is the essence of her being? Therefore, she started to explore identity and existence in her art. Alessia’s paintings and poetry are intense emotional reactions to the current world and increased anxiety. They are a way to let go, let go of everything.

In 2016, she went back to Colombia and spent time in the jungle with a tribe that hosted her and she connected with nature, her biggest inspiration. Her paintings are a representation of her subconscious through trauma, resilience and inner child, her hands are guided by her needs as a woman in a society that aims for the destruction of individuality. Each painting comes along with a poem/lyric.

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Trigger Warning: This episode may cover sensitive topics including but not limited to suicide, abuse, violence, severe mental illnesses, sex, drugs, alcohol addiction, psychedelics, and the use of plant medicines. You are advised to refrain from watc

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