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Today’s episode is very special and a little different than usual.

If you are someone who is sensitive, emotionally intense,

If you have a desire to express yourself through any art form,

If you have creativity blockages,

If you believe in the power of words and poetry, this conversation is for you.

Today we are talking with artist and poet Julia Fehrenbacher.

I was introduced to her by our previous guest Steven Hayes, who used one of Julia’s poems in his book The Liberated Mind. You may remember her poem ‘Hold Out Your Hand’, beautifully read out by Steven in a past episode. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check that out.

This time, we covered many topics; such as ways to work through creative stuckness, how to turn pain into art, what we can learn from parenting sensitive children, and the role of spirituality in an artist’s life. I also invited Julia to read out a few of her poems, one about forgiveness and the other about letting go.

If you really slow down and let Julia’s poetic work sink it, I believe you will feel very nourished.

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