Have You Been Harmed By Cruel Parenting? Conversation with Eric Maisel


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I have the honour of talking to Eric Maisel. Eric is the author of more than 50 books and is widely regarded as America's foremost creativity coach. His most famous books include Fearless Creating (1995), The Van Gogh's Blues (2002), Coaching the Artist Within (2005), and The Atheist's Way (2009). In this episode, we talked about the wounds of being children of authoritarian people, how we can liberate ourselves, and Eric's advice on parenting. We also address what it means to live an authentic life, and why depression, anxiety and mania are not mental illnesses.

Because the content is so rich, I have created two separate articles out of this conversation. Please check them out!

Articles that came from this conversation:

DOES DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND MANIA EXIST? https://www.eggshelltherapy.com/podcast-blog/2019/7/28/does-depression-anxiety-and-mania-exist-conversation-with-eric-maisel
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