Five Ways of Being Intense— A fun chat about overexcitabilities, giftedness, and more


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In this episode, we have Jessie L. Mannisto, the Editor in Chief of the Third Factor magazine, a thought-provoking magazine that helps the creative, the quirky, and the gifted understand themselves. It is a magazine for those who experience life intensely, those who are teeming with complexity, complex feelings, and abundant mental activities. In this episode we cover:

— A deep, detailed dive into exactly what the five excitabilities may look like

— How Jessie meanders a world where people, including her parents, can be overwhelmed by her intensity

— The importance of being yourself even when the world finds you ‘too much’.

— We both shared a lot of our personal experience of living with these intensities

Instead of an interview, this is very much a lively conversation with a friend. I got very excited and there were lots of back and forth between us, I didn’t realise this then but I interrupted Jessie a lot! (Sorry, Jessie! )

Now, I hope you get something from it too.


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