Existential Crisis, Dreams and Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life - with James Hollis and Imi Lo


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Today’s episode is, on a personal level, deeply meaningful to me. Some time ago, I went through what I now know was a crisis of the Soul. As always, I went and search for answers in books and philosophies. That was when I found Dr James Hollis’s work on Jungian Psychology. Dr Hollis is a Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of sixteen books, his work is incredibly extensive and accessible.
In today’s long conversation, we honed in the meaning of what Jung calls ‘the second half of life’. According to Jung, the first half of our lives is very much about fitting in, adapting to social norms and conventions, but as we enter the second half of our lives, what has worked all these years no longer do. This is when we start to ask questions like, “Who am I apart from my roles? Who am I apart from my history? Who am I apart from my obligations?

I specifically asked about things that I see again and again in emotionally sensitive and intense people, such as the conflicts we face for being a natural non- conformist, the fear of being ostracised by the crowd, and the guilt we feel for breaking away from home. We also discussed the burden of our parents’ unlived lives. I directly asked James the question: Are we responsible for our parents’ happiness and wellbeing?

Finally, we discussed how Jungian/ Depth Psychology offers us unique ways to understand our psychological symptoms and how we can listen to our dreams.

The materials in today’s episode are denser than usual; but if you are a fellow seeker, I think you will benefit tremendously from what’s coming.

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