Deconstructing Anxiety: What is Your Core Fear That Underlies Everything?


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In this wonderfully unique and useful conversation, we are speaking with Dr. Todd Pressman about deconstructing anxiety. Dr. Pressman’s work first caught my attention for he has some rather radical ideas about anxiety: Firstly, he proposes any negative experience we have is really a fear in disguise; so all our emotions, from anger to guilt, all find their roots in fear.

Then, he suggests we can all reveal one core fear at the root of all the other emotional difficulties we have, and that core fear is going to be the same every time. Just to give you a clue, these five core fears are: abandonment, loss of identity, loss of meaning, loss of purpose and death.

These are not just theories, Dr. Todd also offers some effective and practical exercises we can do right now to unpeeled layers of our fears and achieve more freedom and calm. We will walk through some of these exercises in the episode.

I can’t wait to share his knowledge, creativity and wisdom with you!

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