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TIME! Check out how Britt teaches us to use time as a container for what you love, instead of trying to fit what you love into the time that you have! You won't want to miss this!
Britt Bolnick is a successful business owner, best-selling author, and magician living a life she loves in Maine. She is the owner and founder of In Arms Coaching, the co-founder of Pittie Posse Rescue, and the creator of Sacred Structure and the Bending Time tools.
She's built a business from food stamps and single motherhood to a 6 figure business that she works for part-time, while also making the time to found a dog rescue.
She mentors women business owners in growing their impact and income while they run their business in 30 hours a week or less.
She published a book titled, "The Magick of Bending Time in Your Sacred Business: Time management for freedom-seeking, entrepreneurial women and organizational skeptics." It's a how-to manual for managing time, teaching multi-passionate, entrepreneurial, soulful women how to make time for everything they love while they build success with their work.

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