221. Hero: Christopher Roche - Chief Executive Officer at Catalyst Consulting


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Chris Roche forged an amazing path that started with his love of soccer. Starting back in his elementary days in England he always found himself pursuing an entrepreneurial journey. Since coming to the US he has taken on some incredible challenges and currently is the CEO of Catalyst Consulting.
His knowledge of marketing and demand generation put him at the forefront of helping SaaS and B2B companies connect better with their customers. Marketing is a long-run game and he emphasizes the importance of how investments today are critical for impact in the future.
His advice for those wanting to enter the world of marketing is spot on. Too often others are waiting to get everything "perfect" before taking action. He advocates for making something happen now and adjust based off what you learn.
In regards to learning and mentorship his take on both topics is full of wisdom. One-step ahead - find someone one step ahead, learn, apply and keep moving forward.
This hero conversation had it all and there was so much that can be applied to any career to grow. Chris gave us a peak behind the curtain during the lightning round including his favorite movie - hey if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!
We highly encourage others to connect with Chris and check out the great things he and the team at Catalyst Consulting are doing. Enjoy learning from this hero and remember to keep asking why!
Guest: Christopher Roche - Chief Executive Officer at Catalyst Consulting
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