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Across the country, school systems are struggling to ensure all students can benefit from the ‘role model effect’ and the other positive benefits of having teachers that reflect their diversity. Over half of K-12 students are students of color, yet only one in five teachers is a person of color, and less than 2% of teachers are Black men. Join us in a fresh take on the opportunity to ensure a diverse teacher workforce in Edifying Together with Tamir D. Harper. After earning his degree from American University, Tamir has returned home to the city of Philadelphia to teach 8th graders in a West Philly public school. Follow his journey as a new teacher, as he engages in each episode with leading educators of color from across the country - teachers, professors, and leaders, who will provide insights, mentorship, support, and encouragement. Edifying Together, featuring Tamir D. Harper, is a podcast dedicated to empowering teachers of color, brought to you by Edifying Teachers. Edifying Together is an extension of Max Out Time With AJ II's award-winning "Education Reboot" podcast series, created by Arthur Jones II.

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