How to Elevate Customer Service for Ecommerce Brands with Michael Potters of Gorgias


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Michael Potters is the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, a multichannel helpdesk for e-commerce brands. Gorgias empowers over 7,000 businesses with better customer service on platforms like Shopify and Magento.

Before Gorgias, Michael was the Co-founder and CEO of Parachute Coffee, a coffee subscription service that was acquired by LeJeune Brands in 2020. Outside of work, Michael volunteers at King’s University College as an Alumni Association Board Member, leading the outreach and coordination for the Toronto Alumni Chapter.

In this episode…

How important is customer support for your brand? After all, many customers are able to go through the purchasing process without ever needing customer service. This has led to many smaller brands cutting corners on the backend at the cost of the customer experience. While strategies like this may work in the short term, they can leave some customers feeling frustrated and ignored. As Michael Potters says, if you want to create lifetime customers, you need better customer support.

Few people understand the importance of the customer experience like Michael. He has seen the benefit from both sides — as an entrepreneur and as the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, which offers a powerful helpdesk for e-commerce brands. Having held these different roles, Michael has a holistic view of how to acquire and keep customers. Now, he’s here to share that viewpoint with you.

On this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual hosts Michael Potters, the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, to talk about improving customer service and support as an e-commerce brand. Michael talks about his startup, Parachute Coffee, and how it was able to grow in a competitive market. He also discusses topics like SMS marketing, limiting your product selection, and how to properly exit a business. Stay tuned.

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