How Effective Is SMS Marketing With Tivan Amour of Tone?


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Tivan Amour is a serial entrepreneur, leader, and SMS expert. He is the CEO of Tone, which was acquired by Attentive in 2021. Both work as SMS marketing solutions designed to increase revenue for ecommerce brands. Now Tivan serves as the General Manager and Conversational for Attentive. His last business, Fortified Bicycle, was acquired in 2019 after six years of continued growth. He also served in the past as a FedEx board member and a student entrepreneur mentor at BUILD.

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SMS marketing can sometimes feel like a relic from a different era. After all, most people focus more on apps and websites than text messages in today’s age. The truth, however, is that SMS marketing can be more effective than ever. Not only are people using their phones at greater rates than in the past, but they are valuing companies that reach out. A genuine relationship between you and the customer is becoming the essential piece of marketing.

This is the viewpoint of Tivan Amour, a serial entrepreneur who has seen how effective SMS marketing can be firsthand. His first business found success when he started implementing text messages for abandoned carts. After that, he founded his own SMS marketing company called Tone in 2017, which was then bought out by Attentive. If anyone knows the power of text messages, it’s him.

Guillaume Le Tual invites Tivan Amour, CEO of Tone, to discuss why SMS marketing may be an unexplored tool for your ecommerce brand. The two go over how text messages work and the unique benefits over other forms of marketing. They also discuss a host of topics, including discounts, where ecommerce is heading, and why having your own app may not be as great as it once was. Hear it all for yourself on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.

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