Running a 7 Figure WooCommerce Business from a Campervan with Charlie Low and Dale Comley


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Charlie Low and Dale Comley are the co-founders of Climbingvan – an extensive resource for self-build campervan converters that’s evolved into a successful eCommerce business they run whilst living and travelling in their own campervan.

Founded in 2021 they now generate over 7 figures a year via their WooCommerce site.

We explore how working whilst travelling has given them the right kind of constraints to be working productively.

We also talk about

  • their long-term approach to SEO and Google rankings,
  • writing content to attract journalists and media outlets,
  • how their book is a great lead generator,
  • and why you should embrace a whole range of marketing channels to fully see what they can bring to your business.

Prepare to be inspired!

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