Episode 209 - Scaling your eCommerce Brand with Creators and UGC


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Content is King. Regardless of the platform.

Want to scale on TikTok? You’re only as good as your content.

Want to step up your IG game? Content, baby.

Want to finally scale on YouTube? Hire OMG (ha!) and create great content!

Today I’m interviewing Danil Saliukov, CEO and Co-Founder of Insense. I met Danil when we both spoke at Geek Out in San Diego a few months ago.

Insense is a marketplace that connects creators with brands and facilitates the creation of great content.

Creating great content comes down to 3 things:

  1. Find the right creator for your brand
  2. Build authentic content that highlights why your product is great
  3. Create content specifically geared toward the platforms you want to run on

Here’s a look at what we breakdown on the show:

  • Where brands go wrong when creating content for marketing - Not every creator is an influencer, and not every influencer is a creator.
  • What separates brands that do really well from the rest?
  • The key to finding creators that best fit a brand.
  • How brands can help creators create great content.
  • How brands should approach TikTok.
  • Actors vs. content creators vs. real customers for UGC.

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