EYL #138 Baron Davis on Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship, & Directing Films


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For episode 138 we sat down with a living legend. Baron davis is the definition of a hometown hero. His basketball career is legendary and well documented, but just as impressive and even more impactful has been his career as an entrepreneur and his diligent community work.

He’s also a budding film producer. Crips & Bloods Made in America is a documentary that he produced, that chronicles conditions that have led to decades of violence in Los Angeles. The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce is another film he produced, which tells the story of the legendary Drew League, which is a basketball haven for young athletes in LA.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and budding film mogul, he has also established himself as a leading figure in community give back efforts. He’s organized water drives to combat the global drinking water shortage, he’s put together basketball games to help underprivileged children, and he’s been a vocal advocate for human rights in America and abroad. #barondavis #business #basketball

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