EYL #156: Shark Tank Winner Turned a Tennis Racket into a Comb


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Last year we had the honor of having Mark Cuban as a guest. During his legendary episode, he referenced a company that he invested in on Shark Tank, called Twist It Up. Twist It Up is a hair grooming company that has a unique patent for a comb in the shape of a miniature tennis racket, which is designed to twist hair. He said the reason that he invested in the company was because of the passion of the founder and the upside potential of the product.

On episode 156, we had the opportunity of sitting down with the founder of Twist It Up, Noel Durity and his partner Ace. They walked us through the process of starting their company, getting a patent, the legal world of patents and trademarks, their experience on Shark Tank, business lessons learned from Mark Cuban and Daymond John, and more. #twistitup #sharktank #blackhair

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