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Tommy Duncan grew up in the healthcare industry, with his partners owning the only black-owned hospital in Detroit. After they fell on hard times and lost the business, he became an entrepreneur in the health space. He moved up the ladder quickly in the field and sold his first company in his 20s for $1.5 million. Years later, he sold his second healthcare company for $120 million.

Most recently, he made news by starting a low-cost-subscription healthcare company called Jetdoc. Rick Ross is a main investor in the company, investing over one million dollars into the venture. He has also been a public advocate for the revolutionary business model.

On episode 155, Tommy broke down the trillion dollar healthcare industry, and he explained the process of selling his company for over $100 million. He also detailed the angles of government contracting that can make entrepreneurs rich, and he outlined a plan to decrease health expenses by helping the homeless. #healthcare #jetdoc #rickross #tommyduncan

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