778. Achieve Anything You Want Through “The Shift Method" feat. Anthony Trucks


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In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Meeting people where they’re at
  • Confronting your excuses
  • Switching your story by creating proof
  • Getting back into alignment
  • Creating change while having a family
  • The three stages of change


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Show Notes:

Have you been feeling stuck in life? Anthony Trucks is going to help you learn how to shift your mindset permanently. He has the power to make shift happen. Through the many traumatic events he’s had to overcome in his life, he’s mastered the art of making internal shifts to change his external circumstances. He’s going to share the tools you can use to make lasting change possible in your life.

Question Highlights:

  • How did your time in foster care shape your identity?
  • How did you start switching your story?
  • What did you do while you were building up proof?
  • What do you beat yourself up over and how do you get over it?
  • How do you incorporate your family into your life goals?
  • What can people do to start noticing shifts in their lives?

Guest Bio:

Anthony Trucks is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious super power: making shift happen, no matter what, by accessing the power of identity. After overcoming over 30 traumatic life events, and navigating the identity shifts that followed, Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert in “shifting” – which is making a shift internally to elevate how you operate externally. Doing so changes your life. With his unique system, “The Shift Method,” Anthony weaves together neuroscience, psychology, technology, and hard-fought life lessons to help anyone with a desire for more in life achieve any goal they want (or have ever wanted). Buckle up because it’s time to make shift happen.

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