How Gerry Born became "The Millionaire Educator" | EP 18


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Today’s Episode with Gerry Born:

  • Gerry grew up playing basketball and his senior year in college his team played in the conference tournament.
  • He then went on to play basketball in Argentina and El Salvador where he learned to speak Spanish.
  • From there, Gerry became a Spanish teacher and taught high school for 3 years, went to grad school, taught ESL in Saudi Arabia, moved back to the U.S. and began public school teaching.
  • Through using his tax advantage accounts, Gerry has been able to save money each year and in 2016 he crossed seven figures.
  • Gerry discusses how he uses the 457, 403b, and other resources to save money each year.
  • Putting more money in a 403b or 457 makes your taxes less and less in addition to the other benefits.
  • It is not just about saving money, it is about learning to invest so you can grow that money.
  • In the short term, if you are struggling with how to strategize financially, see out a fiduciary advisor, Sean and Gerry say.
  • Gerry does not shy away from talking about the specificities of making money. He goes in depth about how he has accumulated his money and all the advice he would give to other educators, and other people.
  • Sean and Gerry also discuss his basketball days and his memories of watching Stephen Curry play on the court.
  • He says his biggest challenge moving forward is figuring out Roth conversions to help him out down the road.
  • Gerry loves working with kids but is realizing he wants to try other things, so he wants to work on pushing his message about strategizing financially as a teacher.

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