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In this episode, I get emotional about Braid, nostalgic and giddy about Mega Man 9 and happy and content with some of my favorite summer movies.
I'd like to take this opportunity to say how difficult it is to talk about games you feel strongly about. Although this episode is one hour long, I felt that I didn't do anything I talked about any justice at all. So I hope you'll forgive how incomplete my discussions might be in this episode.
If you've got any questions, comments and critiques, I'd be happy to hear from you. Just post on this thread or send me an email at dukhang.gamer@gmail.com.
I feel really stupid right now. I kept saying that my email was dukhang-gamer@gmail.com in the podcast. Scratch that. It's really dukhang.gamer@gmail.com. Hope you guys don't get confused.
I cannot stress enough how happy I'd be to hear from any of you guys. So start sending those e-mails, and let's start talking about everything video games.
Happy gaming!
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