#9 There Is No Captain's Chair


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We start this week talking about Spencer’s new car of choice. We talk about what we’ve been playing which is basically just Cold War. Tom drops the bomb about EA scooping up an ex-Call of Duty vice prez and GM to help Battlefield 6 with their Duty-like. We talk about whether the new Resident Evil mirrors other Resident Evil games being that the new one isn’t “scary”. We talk briefly about black goo yet again. We talk music and arriving at places while listening. We talk Star Citizen and Star Trek Voyager again. Spence wants a pedal board. We talk weather and what music we’re listening to. We talk about the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade add-on. Spencer tells the story of the Sky King and then gushes about Microsoft Flight Simulator. Spence talks about some drain ad and we talk about the hot tub channel on Twitch. We talk Dark Souls girls streamers and Cold War glitches. Spence has no notes and Tom runs out of them. We talk about feet people and the Quentin Tarantino connection. We talk fetishes, fetishes with guns, and just guns. Then we talk motorcycles for a while. Tom asks if Spence had games he had played years ago that gave him nostalgic feels. We talk Tony Hawk games and topless BMX girls. We talk about dead IP’s we wish came back.

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