Ep. 113 - Sam Riggins of Cosmic Eye Brewing


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Sam Riggins is making the most out of his brewery. Cosmic Eye Brewery is his long running vision of a brewing operation that he could call home. Starting as a home brewer and then working for Nebraska Brewing Co., he and his wife started the Lincoln, Nebraska based brewery about four years ago, envisioning it as a local taproom that could also make beer to for the local market.

The pandemic, of course, has complicated things. But a stick-to-it-ness and a desire to make beer that doesn’t follow hype trends, tastes like the beer he wants to drink and is proud to serve, and helps bring new drinkers into the fold has him happy and moving forward.

That he is brewing without fuss doesn’t mean he is against experimentation. He’s thoughtful and creative when putting recipes together, sometimes relying on the “less is more” approach, especially when it comes to IPA.

As you’ll hear, it has helped him grow a customer base and forge deeper connections with beer drinkers.

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