Interview - Transpo visionary engineer Bruce McHenry on Transformational Transit, Apple Analyst Taylor Barcroft on iOS 16, M2 Air and Pro, latest announcements this week from WWDC.


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With a passion for mass transportation and armed with several degrees from MIT, Bruce McHenry sees the future of moving us around en masse as bright. In our brief interview with him he describes a novel evolutionary system where small car-sized vehicles can autonomously combine with other such ‘pods’ to create small trains on a single rail on fast routes, saving energy and time, compared to conventional cars, buses, and trains. When your pod reaches its destination, it splits off the ‘train’ and drives on wheels to your destination. With today’s revolution in tech, personal rapid transit concepts such as Bruce’s are closer than ever to being realized, disrupting more traditional ways of moving us all. We enjoyed Bruce’s visionary presentation to us and are excited to share it with you. He joined us in the KSCO studio with our mutual friend and regular contributor to the show, Giselle Bisson.

Also, Apple Computer made some big announcements as they begin their annual WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference). Our Apple Analyst (and straight man :-))Taylor Barcroft gives us an Apple update on the latest and greatest Apple products, with high marks especially for the new M2-based MacBook Air. Enjoy!

L-R Dr.Mrs. Future, Bruce McHenry, Giselle Bisson at KSCO

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