Interview - Feature Filmmaker Brett Leonard on how the Metaverse can heal our global family


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Listen Now to filmmaker Brett Leonard on how the Metaverse can heal our global human family

What will it take to move humanity from the tailspin we appear to be experiencing? The forces that divide us seem very powerful and we feel the tension all around us..yet…is it possible that we can reflect the better angels of our nature, perhaps with the help of better stories that we tell to each other, stories perhaps that empower us to be kinder and more loving.

Brett shares with us some of his thoughts and ideas on how the immersive interactive media of the metaverse can embody positive change in a way never before possible, with AI helping us activate group minds, transcend our differences and bring us to understanding who we are as connected global humans. There are new concepts of the future to grasp, like Medical Immersive environMents or MIMs, for healing psychological trauma, DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, and ‘Narrative Magnets,’magnetizing people to different story tropes. After listening to Brett, and you want to know more, check out the podcast, What the F*** is the Metaverse?, an audio podcast created by himself and his millennial son, Shannon, also deeply engaged with new media and the metaverse. Enjoy!

Brett Leonard expounding on the Metaverse

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