Future News - ISS Dodges Disaster, SLS Counts down to T-29 sec., Sonic Levitation Advance, Starship passes Environmental Hurdles, Homage to JJ Webb, Meta's latest VR headsets, Neighborhood Whirlpool Turbine Power


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Another amazing friend has passed, a pioneer in tech and the arts, JJ Webb. We speak of him today and some of his accomplishments in space tech and online poetry. In space news, the ISS dodged some space junk, NASA’s giant rocket, known as SLS (Space Launch System), had a mostly successful wet test with fuel on the launchpad, and Space X has to address more environmental concerns as it makes its way to its next launch. And closer to home, Zuck himself outlines the features of three new experimental VR headsets, and we look at a new small whirlpool hydro-power generator, small enough to work on neighborhood rivers and canals, powering up to 60 homes! And one of our phone calls this week asked Dr. Future what his vision was for Santa Cruz in 5-10 years. Enjoy!
NASA’s Space Launch System rocket rolled out for a wet dress rehearsal

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