Future News and Views - Meteor Storm Dud, Primeval Black Holes, Asteroid Mining Startup Funded, Starlink RV Field Report, Low cost efficient water extraction from Atmosphere, Mysterious Blob below Hawaii, Warm-blooded Dinos, Sheep and Solar Panels, New Sc


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How about that meteor storm that never was, eh? Less than impressive, but a great excuse to freeze outside for an hour, scanning the sky. We did see two simultaneous meteoric streaks of light at one point, which made StarlinkRV in actionit all worthwhile. This week we explore the mystery of why some supermassive black holes already existed in the first billion years of our universe (usually they form later), the mysterious giant blob of iron below Hawaii, how dinos may have begun as warm-blooded, and a new asteroid mining startup being funded. Also of interest is a new easy, cheap, and efficient way to extract water from even dry air, and our personal report on Starlink RV, a newmobile satellite-based internet service. Enjoy!

The mysterious mass below the Hawaii Plume

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