Future News and Views - Incredible Meteor Storm Monday Night, Flying Salamanders, Jumping Worms, Regulating Militarized Police Forces, Bats mimicking Hornets, Monkey Pox, Vax Immune Escape Update, A Tear in the Sky


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Wow, this episode features the most number of callers we’ve ever had! Make sure you look up this coming Monday eve at 10 pm. PDT, as there may be the biggest meteor storm you’ve ever seen, with hundreds of streaks across the sky per minute! We are entering the debris field of a comet and it should be fabulous!!

Meanwhile we explore the strange world of flying salamanders amongst the redwoods, invasive jumping worms from Asia, more and more miliitarized police departments, and California’s attempt to reel in this somewhat disturbing trend, audio mimicry by bats, and a new documentary,(A Tear in the Sky) of citizen scientists investigating the incredible flying ‘tic-tacs,’ and other documented alien encounters. Enjoy!

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