#115 | July Q&A: Nausea Remedies; Pregnancy Cravings and Aversions; Partner Struggles; Fear of Childbirth; Baby Engaging in Pelvis; Induction; Transition; Writing Your Birth Story


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It is time for our monthly Q&A! We are back with a short birth story of a necessary C-section birth followed by your input on food cravings in pregnancy, nausea remedies and your most common pregnancy food aversions. Next, we discuss the most common relationship challenges in the early postpartum followed by your questions including: Can I have an unmedicated birth if I have a low pain tolerance? Do I need to workout in pregnancy to have an easier birth? How do I get my baby to engage in the pelvis? Is it safe to go past 42 weeks of pregnancy? How do you manage transition? And what do you recommend for writing your birth story? So many great questions! Thank you to those who have submitted, and keep them coming!
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