Episode 459 - Baker Street Quartet (Sherlock Holmes)


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Sherlock Holmes started his career as a radio detective on October 20, 1930, and to mark the occasion we'll hear the brilliant sleuth in four old time radio mysteries. Basil Rathbone stars as Holmes (with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson) in "The Strange Case of the Murder in Wax" (originally aired on Mutual on January 7, 1946). Then, Tom Conway steps in as Sherlock in Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Devil's Foot" (originally aired on ABC on January 13, 1947). John Stanley and Alfred Shirley are Holmes and Watson in the original mystery "The Case of the Bleeding Chandelier" (originally aired on Mutual on June 13, 1948). Finally, John Gielgud is Holmes and Ralph Richardson is Watson in "The Second Stain" (a BBC production broadcast on NBC on January 30, 1955).

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