Ep 424 - Motherland: Fort Salem Interview, Obi-Wan, The Boys Reviews & More


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We're back, witches! Catherine Lough Haggquist joins us this week to once again talk about Motherland: Fort Salem! She'll talk about what's ahead for Petra Bellweather this season, the mother-daughter relationship with Abigail, the return of Alder and much more. Plus she talks about the amazing Motherland fandom and what she'll remember about the show. WATCH MOTHERLAND FORT SALEM EVERY TUESDAY ON FREEFORM AND NEXT DAY ON HULU!

We also join the mystery of Chloe from Prime Video and chat with the cast of that new series. Hear from Erin Doherty (Becky/Sasha), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Livia) and Brandon Michael Hall (Josh) about this very interesting new series. They talk about not just the mysterious death in the show, but about the long con being played by Becky Green. Who knows what and how long before it all blows up in their face? We ask all the hard questions! WATCH CHLOE NOW STREAMING ON PRIME VIDEO!

This is also a BIG review week for us! We're talking about the Obi-Wan finale, Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, as well as the highly anticipated Herogasm episode of The Boys! We'll also break down the final Stranger Things trailer, go on a Star Wars vacation and talk about the pre-outrage over Chris Pratt's Mario voice. Don't miss any of the fun!

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